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Enter our zip code shipping origin 45371 with your zip code destination along with value for total shipping. When entering the information, Please use, under origin  from pick up service and under package size enter 7X9X3"

 Shipping Cost Information      3/14/2006-2016

Carrier charges only apply to all orders. We do not add any additional cost for shipping. Insurance is .35 per $100.00 dollars from ups. If there is no rush we suggest ground shipping for packages under 1,000.00 dollars. Special signature delivery will be applied to all packages at the expense of $1.25 which will be charged to each sale,  unless you specifically decline or ask otherwise. In any event that is still your responsibility.

In order to prevent theft we suggest air for value between $1,000 to $2,500.00. For $3,000 and up we suggest US Postal registered mail .

You may choose any alternate carrier, however we will not ship uninsured. Your carrier must be able to provide insurance.

Management  1-937-667-9514

Ups cost  http://wwwapps.ups.com/servlet/QCCServlet


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