Princess Cut Diamond Jewelry

Princess cut diamond earrings, diamond solitaire or princess cut diamonds un mounted are offered at a wholesale price. We service the trade and online shopper. Immediate delivery, 1-937-667-9514

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9 Hot Styles, Men's  Diamond Rings in Princess Cut



 Princess Cut Diamond Pendant

3 Diamonds

 .40 Carat G Color and Si2 Clarity

 .40 Carat G Color and Vs1 Clarity


1.75 Carat #24672L


#4746 3/4 in F to G Color and Vs1 Clarity

 #4747 G Color and Si1 Clarity

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                           Wholesale diamonds in platinum jewelry, studs earrings, bracelets, loose or un mounted.  We offer diamonds at a discount price. Wholesale price is our everyday low offer.

Service to: Our service is offered to the trade and online shopper.

Return:  We guarantee customer satisfaction with every diamond purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return via register mail,  insured for the correct amount  and a credit will be issued immediately upon receipt and verification of the your returned merchandise. Items must be returned within 5 days after receiving  merchandise.  Un worn jewelry is totally returnable for full credit less shipping. We do not sell used jewelry so please note items returned for credit or refund must be unworn. Returns? Please try and understand our 5 day return policy. It is due to people who want to wear our jewelry on vacation and then return it.

Custom Orders: We do accept custom orders. First time buyers will need to pay in advance. Delivery will depend upon the item being made. Some items may be only a few days and others may be up to 2 weeks.

Appraisal:  A certified appraisal is available upon request. Verification of appraisal should be made after consulting you insurance agent. If you have a home owner policy you then add it on to your home owner policy. The majority of policies allow at least $5,000.00 for jewelry. You will also be able to get an none biased opinion concerning the value of your purchase, if that is a issue..

Pricing:  Prices listed on our site are based upon today's market. This basic factors may change.  We move prices based upon DeBeers sight holders pricing. Our discount will be based upon the cost of our product delivered to us. The suggested retail price may be based upon the average national retail price, or a average regional price.

Quality of Product: Due to the complexity of the market we can't always offer the collection grade of merchandise in every size or every item. We try and offer  three grade of gems. A very best grade, a commercial mid range and also a grade slightly better than the promotional grade offered by leading retailers.

Pricing Range: Items are sold in ranges from $200.00 and up $100,000.

Our 40 years of experience helps us to offer you the very best dollar value available. Without a compromise of quality, you will not buy our merchandise for less.

Area Serviced: We ship where delivery is confirmed, and insurance is provided We do not service Indonesia, Nigeria, Africa, Korea, China, Taiwan nor Japan. Other countries may apply to our banned list. If you place an order, asking for delivery other than card holder address, you may experience a delay or no service. We must confirm buyers address with card holder address, or we do not ship.

Shipping cost is based upon U.P.S. charges or United States Postal rates. We have no shipping and handling charges other than our cost from the carrier. We make no profit in shipping.

Mission: Best possible price, best dollar value, prompt courteous service.


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