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Our Ring Mountings, platinum bracelets, and Chains are priced upon a daily market. Price: We are unwilling to price goods based upon chance of market stability. While working on a closer profit margin, we need to price the finished item upon delivery to you.

Ring Size: Because sizes are order such as 5 1/2,  5 3/4 or any odd size, it becomes  impossible to price the ring before selling. The weight after finishing is the weight that our customers will be charged for.  Our price on the order form is for a estimated cost of a 6 1/2 or size 7. If your size is size 5,  you will be charged less, if the weight comes out less. If your size is size 9, you will then be charged more if your weight is more, and it probably would be, The same rate would be charged per gram in every case.  While working with a smaller margin of profit, we must sell with platinum price based upon day of delivery.

The platinum price for each day can be found at this link

Example:  On date of delivery you will be charged for platinum based upon the market for that day. The price will be listed on your page for order. Usually or for most items $ 36.50 per gram. You will find that to be a very competitive price.


  •  950 platinum with 50 parts per thousand of ruthenium, creating a good alloy for the making of tubing, then sliced off and machined for machine-tooled, or die struck wedding rings.  Pt/Ru has a Vickers hardness of 130. When it is cold hammered, or die struck, the hardness increases to 210. It melts at 1795 C – 1780 C and is widely used in the US, Europe, & Hong Kong. This is the preferred alloy according to the Platinum Guild and is the alloy that we use in our bands.
  • 950 platinum with 50 parts per thousand of cobalt, creating a good flowing alloy best suited for casting.  Pt/Co has a Vickers hardness of 135, and can be hardened through cold hammering to 270, and it is slightly ferro magnetic.  This has a melting range of 1770 C – 1680 C This alloy is still used in the US, Europe, & Hong Kong.
  • 950 platinum with 50 parts per thousand iridium.  This system has a Vickers hardness of 80 and that can lead to castings that are quite soft.  As a fabrication alloy, however 95/5 Pt/Ir can be made reasonably hard through cold-working. It is still used in Germany and Japan for safety catches and pins.
  • Quality: We guarantee our quality to be out standing. If your item should not be the finest quality, you may return it for replacement. We have never had that problem, but should it occur, we reserve the right to replace with a fine quality platinum item.

    Items available: All items listed is by special order, advance payment may be necessary for first time customers.

    Styles: Our site offers a limited number of items, however we have many more items not shown. You may submit a picture of your sample by fax or an e-mail with the attachment file, or a url: when a picture may be found of your item.

    Delivery: Our delivery may be immediate or take up to 2-weeks for some items.

    Returns: Due to the expense in manufacturing, these chains may not be returned for refund. They may be returned in order to correct a problem, if a problem should occur such as the wrong length or correction of some type.

    Please note: We do not have these type problems, however if they were to ever happen, naturally a return would be in order by dialing the toll free n umber at the bottom of our page.

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