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14kt Omega Necklace

14kt Omega Necklace at best price guaranteed. Our Italian Omegas at wholesale price is direct to the online shopper. White gold or yellow, domed or flat in 3mm thru 20mm.

         2mm 14kt Omega Necklace Domed                No Flat in 2mm                 

         3mm Domed           3mm Flat    


      4mm Domed          4mm Flat          4m Tapered

        6mm Domed           6mm Flat        6m Tapered Omega

          8mm Domed           8mm Flat        8mm Tapered Omega 

       10mm Domed           10mm  Flat       

       12mm Domed             12mm             12mm  X 6 Tapered  

        15mm Domed             15mm Flat      15mm  X 7 Tapered


        18mm Domed             18mm

        20mm Domed             20mm             20mm X 10 Tapered 

   We have a complete selection in 14kt white gold or yellow gold.  Our Omega Necklace is Italian high quality, and hand made. Our shopping site is secure with 128 bit encryption enforced on every credit card transaction. We offer immediate service and shipment is usually within one day. If you have a question, or need help. Please call our sales team or e-mail us contact us 1-937-667-9514.

                                         Appraisal:  A certified appraisal is available upon request. Items that are over $500.00 cost on our site is offered with a free appraisal. A copy of your appraisal should be made and given to your insurance agent. If you have a home owner policy you then add it on to your home owner policy. The majority of policies allow at least $5,000.00 for this type of merchandise. You will also be able to get an none biased opinion concerning the value of your purchase, if that is a issue.

Shipping cost is based upon U.P.S. charges or postal rates. All items are shipped with insurance. International shipping may have an import duty from your country. Please inquire at your local customs office in your country.

Tracking: We do not guarantee tracking when using United States Postal Service with delivery outside of United States. Whenever possible, we suggest using UPS if tracking is a concern. United States Post Office offer good secure delivery, however there is no way of tracking once the package leaves the hands of the USPS.

Area Serviced: We ship where delivery is confirmed, and insurance is provided We do not service out side of US                                               unless payment is made through PayPal. Indonesia, Nigeria, Korea, and China  has been put on our red flag list. Other countries may apply to our red flag list. You may inquire before purchasing to find the trade status of your country. If you possess a charge card that does not have an address that we are shipping to , you may experience a delay or no service. We must confirm buyer with card or we do not ship.

Payment: We offer Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal. If you live in a country where delivery can't be confirmed, payment will be requested through PayPal. Credit cards are not acceptable as a form of payment when address is out of USA. You may choose to pay by PayPal or bank wire. Cashier's check, money orders, or personal check is another option. We will make sure that the check has cleared our bank before shipping. Once check has cleared shipment will take place immediately. You may want to allow from 3 days to two weeks for checks to clear. That may depend on the speed as well as the location of your bank.

We guarantee customer satisfaction on every item. Compare the quality of our merchandise and you will be glad that you shopped online at our site. We offer more for your money. 1-937-667-9514. 

Return:  Items must be returned within 5 days after receiving  merchandise.  Un worn jewelry is totally returnable for full credit less shipping. We do not sell used jewelry so please note items returned for credit or refund must be unworn. Returns? Please try and understand our 5 day return policy. It is due to people who want to wear our jewelry on vacation and then return it.

Selection: From this page you should be able to access our huge inventory. By clicking on back to home at the bottom of the page you can start your search with a complete selection. If you can't seem to find your item, please contact us through the contact us button which can be reached from the bottom of our home page. Many items that we offer are not on our site.

Special Orders: We do special orders also. Payment in advance may be required for first time buyers. In the event of canceled orders, only a partial refund would be given.

Mission: best possible price, good customer  service, prompt delivery


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