Diamond Pendant

A diamond pendant such as past present and future in all sizes such as one carat with or without a 14kt gold chain can be purchased at wholesale price.


Appraisal:  A certified appraisal is available upon request. verification of appraisal should be made after consulting you insurance agent. If you have a home owner policy you then add it on to your home owner policy. The majority of policies allow at least $5,000.00 for jewelry. You will also be able to get an none biased opinion concerning the value of your purchase.

Area Serviced: We ship where delivery is confirmed, and insurance is provided We do not service Indonesia, Nigeria, Korea, nor China. Other countries may apply to our banned list. If you possess a charge card that does not have an address that we are shipping to , you may experience a delay or no service. We must confirm buyer with card or we do not ship.

Payment: If you live in a country where delivery can't be confirmed, you may choose to pay by bank wire.  Cashier's check, personal check or money order is another option. We will make sure that the check has cleared our bank before shipping. Once your check has cleared shipment will take place immediately. You may want to allow from 3 days to two weeks for checks to clear. That may depend on the speed of your  your bank.

 Diamonds used in manufacturing are carefully graded in order to match the order received from our customer. Matching diamonds is important when eye appeal is the issue.

 Our finish is high polish by professional polishers for maximum brilliance. A certified appraisal is available upon request

 Shipping cost is based upon U.P.S. charges or postal rates. We make no profit in shipping. We charge only what the carrier charges. Caution: When shipping out of USA US Postal Service does not control tracking information. Tracking is lost immediately when package leaves USA. We are not responsible for tracking when customer chooses US postal service for shipping. Packages may take 1 week or 1 month. Every tiny bit or piece of  information on tracking which US postal service offers is not valid. Bottom line is, they seldom loose a package but their tracking capability is not excellent.

We guarantee customer satisfaction on every item. Compare the quality of our merchandise and you will be glad that you shopped online at our site where you get more for your money1-937-667-9514. 

Return:  Items must be returned within 5 days after receiving  merchandise.  Un worn jewelry is totally returnable for full credit less shipping. We do not sell used jewelry so please note items returned for credit or refund must be unworn. Returns? Please try and understand our 5 day return policy. It is due to people who want to wear our jewelry on vacation and then return it.

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Mission: best possible price, good customer  service, prompt delivery

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