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Diamond Earrings at Wholesale Prices Direct     

Diamond Earrings at Wholesale prices, Diamond Studs, Huggies, Lever Backs, or French Clips. Studs in Tiffany Settings, or Basket Setting are offered with Friction Post or Screw Post. From small size to large we offer the very best price. Here we offer the lowest price direct without the middle man.

Some items may be limited to one type of post, please check your order form for post types.

Platinum, or 18kt. = Yes, we can set any item in in your choice of precious metals. For best results in pricing call or sales number 1-937-667-9514

  Selection: In our selection of goods, you will find the very best qualities that are available. Collection Grade is used as a descriptive term, meaning D, E, or F color with clarity in the Vs1 to Vvs1 range. You will also find affordable commercial grades. The Depth percentages and proportions are taken into consideration in manufacturing of each item. Maximum eye appeal along with best dollar value is our goal. Our selection of gems has been collected from Israel, Belgium, India, and Russia. You may e-mail or call us by phone at 1-937-667-9514 if you have questions. Visit our entire jewelry section and you will find a full line of related merchandise.

Platinum: We do offer platinum settings in every item, however that option requires special request.

Finished Product: Our finish is high polish by professional polishers for maximum brilliance. Rhodium is applied to all white gold settings at no extra charge.

Delivery: Usually shipped with same day service. We will immediately respond to your order with a e-mail or phone call if item is not shipped right away. Most items are offered either with free UPS ground service or $5.00 Ground. Other options such as over night and second or third service is also available on your order page under shipping options. Insurance is included in shipping cost on every package.

Payment: PayPal, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Cashier's check, personal check or money orders may be used as a payment option. In order to avoid a time delay in clearing funds we suggest for large amounts of money using PayPal. We must make sure that the check has cleared our bank before shipping. Once check has cleared shipment will take place immediately. You may want to allow from 3 days to two weeks for checks to clear. That may depend on the speed of your  your bank.

We guarantee customer satisfaction on every item. Compare the quality of our merchandise and you will be glad that you shopped online at our site where you get more for your money.

Certified Appraisals: We offer each item with the certificate from our company. Each certificate is carefully prepared and shipped with each item. A picture of your item along with the suggested retail replacement price which may reflect retail cost is on each appraisal.


Mission: best possible price, good customer service, prompt delivery, repeat business.

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