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Geneva Switzerland: Home of all fine watch

Whether made in Geneva or out of Geneva, Geneva has a definite connection to every fine watch made in the world. The ultimate in fine watches has been described or called the expertise of Geneve. For a couple of centuries a Geneve watch was considered to be among the finest in fine watches.

German technology is responsible for the watch case, but Italy takes responsibility for the actual case and band manufacturing and assembly. We have captivated beauty, durability, and affordability in our line of fine watches.

ETA Movement: Who is ETA: ETA is the one and only source for watch movements regardless of name brand. 98% of all watch movement are made by ETA. They can make your movement with your name or to your specifications. While some companies may have their movement made with some slightly different features they are still made by ETA. This is done mostly in an effort to separate themselves from other watch dealer,. An example such as a platinum rotor which cost about $80.00, but certainly not $3,000 to $5,000. You may go to the ETA web site and learn more about the world's finest watch movements.

Brand Name: No one company can own the Geneve brand name. It is basically identified by the fine craftsmanship and expertise in manufacturing. If your Geneve does not have the finest materials such as gold or diamonds, it is probably not considered a true Geneve.

Best Buy: In our pursuit of a fine watch at affordable prices we have put together a Geneve watch with the ETA movement and also a hand made 14kt or 18kt watch watch  case. Our diamond are carefully selected and set by possibly some of the worlds best professional diamond setters.

Our Geneve watches are not to be compared to the average Geneve that is seen either on the web or off of the web. We have kept  true Geneva heritage in making our product to be comparable in quality to the finest name brand, and only at a fraction of the cost.


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