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18kt Omega Necklace

Our 18kt Omega Necklace is offer at wholesale price direct to the online shopper. We offer best price guaranteed. All sizes from 2mm thru 12mm. Our Italian Omega is top quality merchandise.

Italian 18kt Omega Necklace is the World's Finest

18kt Omega 3mm

18kt Omega 5mm

18kt Omega 6mm

18kt Omega 8mm

 18kt Omega 10mm

18kt Omega  12mm

  • Appraisal:  A certified appraisal is available upon request. If you have a home owner insurance policy, you can then add it on with no extra cost. The majority of policies allow at least $5,000.00 for jewelry. You will also be able to get an none biased opinion concerning the value of your purchase, if that is a issue..

    Shipping cost is based upon U.P.S. charges or postal rates. We make no profit in shipping, charging only what the carrier charges. 

    Tracking: We do not guarantee tracking when using United States Postal Service with delivery outside of United States. Whenever possible, we suggest using UPS if tracking is a concern. United States Post Office has no way to keep track of a package when it leaves our country.

    Area Serviced: We ship where delivery is confirmed, and insurance is provided. We do not service Indonesia, Nigeria, Korea, nor China. Other countries may apply to our banned list. If you possess a charge card that does not have an address that we are shipping to , you may experience a delay or no service. We must confirm buyer with card or we do not ship, unless you have paid through paypal.

    Delivery: Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry,  and  Geneve Watches are over night delivery 90% of the time. We will immediately respond to your order with a e-mail or phone call if delivery is not over immediate.

    Payment: If you live in a country where delivery can't be confirmed, you may choose to pay by bank wire. You may also pay by using PayPal, sending a  cashier's check, personal check or by money order. We will verify payment before shipping. Once we have verified payment shipment will take place immediately. You may want to allow from 3 days to two weeks for checks to clear. That may depend on the speed of your  your bank.

    •  Returns

      Shipping: We ship UPS or Postal Service unless otherwise specified by our customer. Only carrier charged apply. All items are shipped with insurance at the rate charged from the carrier. No items are shipped un insured.

      Help: Need immediate Help, don't hesitate call 1-937-667-9514. While placing your order you can receive an  immediate answer.

    Manufactured: We manufacture a large percentage of our items offered on this site and also a large variety of items that are not shown. Some are machine made and polished by hand and others are totally hand made.

    Special orders: Yes we do accept special order, however first time buyers will be required to pay in advance or pre payment. In the event of cancellation only a partial refund, if any at all, would be returned to the buyer. Investment cost for production would be deducted and considered none refundable.

    Mission: Lowest Possible Price, Best Dollar Value, Excellent Service


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