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Dear Customer:                                                                                                                        Jan/01/04

Buying direct from National Diamond and Gold at discount prices offers our guarantee as follows:

Our merchandise is guaranteed to be genuine 14kt, 18kt, platinum or 10kt. Each item is stamped or marked with our international standard marking. 58.5 or 14kt is guaranteed to assay between .582 and .587 % pure gold. Our 18kt  or 750 is guaranteed to assay between 752 and 787%. Our platinum is also guaranteed to be equal to the finest in the industry." Platinum Pricing". Our 10kt is 417 which is an international marking. We sell only fine merchandise which does not include anything gold plated.  We feel that our items are comparable to only the very finest merchandise online or offline. Due to not being able to see a live person, we feel that you deserve a discount and that it is only reasonable. Please note that our low prices does not make our merchandise inferior in any way.

Our web site is quiet generic but our merchandise is not inferior in any way.

Our  "low budget" allows us to pass  savings on to the consumer. If we spent $50,000 on a web site, we would need to pass the cost down to the consumer ultimately meaning higher prices.

Fair Play: We offer an appraisal for every diamond or diamond jewelry item. We offer an appraisal for every gold item where the cost from our invoice exceeds $500.00. If you are not pleased with your item, you may call us for a return authorization number. We offer cash refunds less shipping and credit card processing cost. If you  would like a confirmation for your appraisal, we suggest going to your insurance provider. If you are a home owner we suggest contacting your insurance agent and ask him who does his appraisals. If you are not a home owner, we suggest contacting a local well known insurance company and ask them who they would suggest.


Thank you for your interest


We would appreciate your feed back. Feed Back 

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