Diamond Solitaire

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A diamond solitaire can be purchased at wholesale price from this site. We are a diamond jewelry manufacturer offering service to the trade and online shopper. A 14kt tiffany setting is offered on most items, however we can also offer other styles as well. Please follow the links from our main menu located on our home page. You will find many other styles.

Fifth Carat Diamond Solitaire

Fourth Carat Diamond Solitaire

1/3  VVS2 Clarity, G Color   

1/3  Vs2 G Color

1/3  Si1 Clarity, G Color #2  

1/3  Si2 Clarity, G Color #3

 1/3 Si3 Clarity, G Color #4

 1/3 H Color Vs2 Clarity, #5


Forty Point G vs2

 Forty Point H Vs2

 Forty Point G Si3

 1/2 Ct G Vvs2

 3/4 Ct  #8560

 1 Ct    #8550

2 ct I Si2 #5339

Four Prong Setting or 6 Prong?  Personal preference is the general consensus. The four prong is entirely secure due to larger and more sturdy prongs. The four prong also allows better light reflection, therefore there is better dispersion and more brilliance.

Six Prong Setting: Offers a good look while also providing more protection for the girdle. Due to hardness it is not likely that you will damage your precious gem, however it is possible. Four Prong Settings are usually thicker providing a secure setting and also allowing light to enter the diamond which provides more sparkle, at least that is in the minds of some people.

Platinum Setting Option: We offer platinum, 18kt or 14kt. If you desire to purchase an item which does not offer an option other than 14kt,  please send an email and we will respond immediately with your price quotation. 

Service to: Our service is offered to the trade and the online shopper.

Pricing: If you do not see the item that you are looking for, please go to our no obligation quotation request form. All of our gems are pre priced. It is essential that you give us some idea of the price range. We will then tell you how close that we can get to your price range and what we have to offer. Because our gems are priced already and it becomes a matter of matching buyer with item. We guarantee customer satisfaction with every purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return via register mail insured for the correct amount and a cash credit will be given, less shipping.

Appraisal:  A certified appraisal is available upon request. Verification of appraisal should be made after consulting you insurance agent. If you have a home owner policy you then add it on to your home owner policy. The majority of policies allow at least $5,000.00 for jewelry. You will also be able to get an none biased opinion concerning the value of your purchase, if that is a issue..

Shipping cost is based upon U.P.S. charges or postal rates.

Area Serviced: We ship where delivery is confirmed, and insurance is provided We do not service Indonesia, Nigeria, Korea, nor China. Other countries may apply to our banned list.  We must confirm buyer with card or we do not ship.

Payment: If you live in a country where delivery can't be confirmed, you may choose to pay by PayPal, or bank wire.  Cashier's check, personal check or money order is another option, however check must cleared our bank before shipping. Once check has cleared shipment will take place immediately. You may want to allow from 3 days to two weeks for checks in US.

We guarantee customer satisfaction on every item. Compare the quality of our merchandise and you will be glad that you shopped online at our site where you get more for your money1-937-667-9514. 


Mission: Best price, Dollar Value, Repeat Business

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