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10kt Plain Gold Wedding Band

10kt plain gold wedding band at wholesale price direct to the online shopper. Buy direct with our  guaranteed low price. Our discount price is guaranteed to be absolute lowest or we pay you 10% of the difference plus matching the lower price. Merchandise must be comparable. We offer only the finest quality of "comfortable fitting" wedding bands.

2mm 10kt Plain Gold Wedding Band 

3mm 10kt Plain Gold Wedding Band

4mm    5mm   6mm  7mm    8mm

Delivery:  We offer immediate delivery on 100% of our merchandise. Our commitment to immediate delivery 95% effective. Only a very small percentage of our goods are not shipped within 24 hours. There are some things that we have no power over, however we try very hard to offer not only dollar value, but premium service and delivery.

Our Guaranteed Low Price: We guarantee that we will beat the competition. If you should find a lower price, we will not only match the price, but give 10% of the difference off of your purchase.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee our product to standard of the industry. You may pay double the price or even triple, but you can't get better quality.

Area Serviced: We ship where delivery is confirmed, and insurance is provided. We do not service Indonesia, Nigeria, Korea, nor China. Other countries may apply to our banned list. If you possess a charge card that does not have an address that we are shipping to , you may experience a delay or no service. We must confirm buyer with card or we do not ship, unless you have paid through Paypal

What millimeter?: We offer from 2mm thru 8mm and some sizes are offered in 9mm.

Quantity: Our items in all sizes are available in large quantities. Delivery may take seven to ten days for large quantities.

Payment: We take master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You may also from our home page access the mail order form allowing other payment options.

 Ring Sizes : Sizes are offered up to size 15

Sizable?: Our product may be sized up or down at least 1 1/2 to 3-sizes depending on the color, yellow being more flexible.

Technical Information: Heavy Duty:  Our bands may be sized up or down at least 1 1/2 to 3-sizes. You will be pleased with our product.

Quality: Machine made and hand polished for excellence. Similar products may be cast which would prohibit re- sizing. Our product can be re-sized without cracking or splitting.

Seamless: Our product does not have a seam or has not been soldered together.  

Thickness: Example 5mm wide has a 1.9mm thickness. 

Lighter Weight: We do produce a lighter weight which is called an economy band. It is also seamless, and is not cast but machine made and hand polished for excellence, however six pieces per size is a required minimum order.

Comfort:  The inside of our bands are rounded for comfortable wear. You will enjoy a lifetime of comfortable wear with our product. 

Service: We service the trade and online shopper. 

Terms: Online shopper will need a charge card. 

Pricing: We offer low prices to everyone. We will beat any price for comparable merchandise.

Shipping: Carrier charges only apply. For complete details see order form for options.

Payment: If you live in a country where delivery can't be confirmed, you may choose to pay by bank wire.  Cashier's check, personal check or money order is another option. We will make sure that the check has cleared our bank before shipping. Once check has cleared shipment will take place immediately. You may want to allow from 3 days to two weeks for checks to clear. That may depend on the speed of your  your bank.

Mission: Low Prices, Best Quality, Fast Dependable Service

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